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Thrillipede: “All Hands on Deck!”


FIGURE 3.29 MANY HANDS make light work, especially when you’re a MILLIPEDE with GRENADES!

TABLE 3.27 Thrillipede’s Stats!



SuperCharger Vehicle

Buzz Wing

Max. Health






Critical Hit


Elemental Power


Thrillipede is famous among the Skylanders, and not only because he is the most celebrated pilot hero of the Great Greeble War. He is more famous because he beat the great Captain Flynn (the best pilot in all of Skylands... according to himself) at every flying challenge set for them to prove their skills at Thrillipede’s home town of Flutter Bay. Flynn accepted the defeat graciously. (Well, to the crowd at least. Flynn later declared he’d let Thrillipede win to save him from embarrassment. Hmmm... do you believe him?) Follow Thrillipede’s Insistent Insect Upgrade Path to create a dreadfully damaging swarm of insects to surround long-range enemies and wear down their health over time. Throwing a bug bomb into the fray causes collateral damage that amplifies its impact, making Thrillipede a little bug with a big bite.

Attack Moves:

Bug Bomb: Press Attack 1 to throw cocoon grenades at your enemies, slowing them down in a cloud of bugs.

Bug Brawl: Press Attack 2 to use those arms and punch nearby enemies in your way.

Soul Gem Ability: Beautiflies – 4000: When Sticky Grenades blow up, they will release butterflies that heal you when caught.


TABLE 3.28 Thrillipede’s Upgrades!

Cocooned – 500: Hold Attack 3 to wrap yourself in a cocoon, protecting yourself from damage. Release to explode out and damage nearby enemies.

Bug n’ Cover – 700: Press Attack 1 to throw a grenade into a swarm of dragonflies, which slows enemy movement.

Mind Your Beeswax – 900: Hold Attack 2 to prepare four sticky grenades that you can place as a trap in the ground or directly onto an enemy!

Cocooties – 1200: Hold Attack 3 to wrap yourself in a cocoon, protecting yourself from damage. Release to explode out, which damages and slows nearby enemies. (Prerequisite: Cocooned.)

Mighty-Morphosis Path: Transform into a flying fighting machine with this path!

Insistent Insect Path: Use insect swarms to hinder and damage your enemies!

Better Fly – 1700

Hold Attack 3 to wrap yourself in a cocoon protecting yourself from damage. Release to explode out and grow wings! While flying, hold Attack 1 to bombard enemies with Bug Bombs!

Bugging Out – 2200

Increase damage of all thrown grenade projectiles.

Tick It To ‘Em – 3000

Pressing Attack 2 while jumping will toss sticky grenades below you.

Gnawing Gnats – 1700

Bug Bombs now cause a swarm of tiny insects to appear and do damage over time. Hitting targets again with Bug Bombs will remove the swarm and cause extra damage.

Nesting Gnats – 2200

The damage over time caused by the swarming insects can stack up to five times, doubling its damage.

Insect Epidemic – 3000

Targets affected by the damage over time from the swarm explode, spreading the swarm to nearby enemies.

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