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Super Shot Stealth Elf: “Silent but Deadly!”


FIGURE 3.25 Feel a shiver but no one’s there? NOW YOU SEE HER, NOW YOU DON’T!!

TABLE 3.23 Super Shot Stealth Elf’s Stats!



SuperCharger Vehicle

Stealth Stinger

Max. Health






Critical Hit


Elemental Power


A mysterious elf child with no family or memory—wherever did she come from? No one knows, including Stealth Elf herself! She awoke alone in a hollow tree one morning with no recollection of how she came to be there. A kind forest beast raised her and taught her to defend herself, until she finally decided to join the Skylanders team. Despite ever searching for her own true identity, this little green ninja knows who she is deep down—a warrior worthy of Eon’s Elite. Stealth Elf sneaks up on enemies unawares, then with a swift move, slashes through their ranks with her blade cannons and deadly aim. She’s an acrobatic ninja with melee moves to kill. For a strong long-range attack, follow the Stealth Saboteur path to enhance a decoy turret that explodes to maximize damage to enemies after Stealth Elf has safely snuck away.

Attack Moves:

Danger Cannon: Press Attack 1 and hold to lock onto enemies and shoot daggers at them. Yes, it’s a gun that shoots daggers.

Say Hello: Press Attack 2 to disappear and create a turret that distracts enemies.

Soul Gem Ability: Health Elf – 4000: After injury and after defeating an enemy, a familiar face appears and brings a health bonus!


TABLE 3.24 Super Shot Stealth Elf’s Upgrades!

Circle Slash – 500: Press Attack 3 to perform an acrobatic spin that hits and knocks back enemies nearby.

Needle-Pointed Daggers – 700: Dagger Cannon deals more damage. Straight to the point!

To My Little Friend – 900: The turret now shoots enemies in front of it.

Speed of the Spin – 1200: Gain increased movement speed for a short time after using Circle Slash. (Prerequisite: Circle Slash.)

Heavy Gunner Path: Focus on powerful ranged attacks with the Dagger Cannon.

Stealth Saboteur: Use deceitful tactics to disappear and attack enemies without them ever knowing what hit them!

Smog Slash – 1700

Create a poison cloud when you exit stealth mode.

All Wound Up – 2200

Dagger Cannon projectiles do more damage the longer Attack 1 is held.

Splinter Shells – 3000

Dagger Cannon projectiles splinter off enemies and hit nearby enemies.

Distraction Destruction – 1700

On expiration, the turret explodes and damages nearby enemies.

Acquisition Intelligence Mode – 2200

The turret now aims at nearby enemies and does more damage.

Spin to Win! – 3000

Circle Slash does more damage and knocks enemies further away.

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