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Jet Stream


FIGURE 3.24 Fight fists with FEATHERS to clear the decks! CATEGORY PAIN is BLASTING into action.

The Avian Razors weapon is a strong long-range attack with pretty solid aim; leaving heavy damage, so is fantastic in an air strike. The Vacuum Bomb is a bit tricky to use and doesn’t last long. Use it when there are so many enemies around you that they’re likely to fly into it to give you a bit of breathing room. You’ll need good aim to Razor the Tornado on the go, and you may not see its effectiveness as you fly off.

Upgrade Jet Stream’s shields and weapons with Sharpfin and his crew:

  • Upgrade Level 1: 200 gearbits

  • Upgrade Level 2: 250 gearbits

  • Upgrade Level 3: 300 gearbits

  • Upgrade Level 4: 350 gearbits

  • Upgrade Level 5: 400 gearbits


Avian Razors: Tap Attack 1 to fire Avian Razors.

Vacuum Bomb: Tap Attack 3 to create a tornado. Fire Avian Razors into it to charge it up!


  • Turbine Trumpet Horn

  • Avian Sirens Horn

  • Mallard Quacker Horn

  • Air Horn

Specialty Mods

Performance Mods

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