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Hurricane Jet-Vac: “Hawk and Awe!”


FIGURE 3.23 Descend on evil with a TALON of terror and a FLURRY of FEATHERED FURY. The SKY’S the LIMIT!

TABLE 3.21 Hurricane Jet-Vac’s Stats!



SuperCharger Vehicle

Jet Stream

Max. Health






Critical Hit


Elemental Power


Jet-Vac is a famous Sky Baron and well known to be the bravest flyer in Windham. His melee skills are swift and powerful—he can slice through multiple enemies with fan blades or suck them into a vacuum of pain! When he showed true honor by sacrificing his magical wings to help a mother bird save her children in a terrifying raid, Master Eon was super-impressed. As a reward for his bravery and loss, Jet-Vac now flies using a SuperCharged vacuum jetpack strapped to his body, protecting Skylands and blasting enemies out of the sky!

Attack Moves:

Shooting the Breeze: Press Attack 1 to shoot a fan blade that can bounce off multiple enemies.

Jet Turbine Vacuum: Press and hold Attack 2 to suck in enemies. Press Attack 2 again to shoot the enemy out.

Soul Gem Ability: Having a Blast! – 4000: Hold Attack 2 to vacuum in enemies; release to shoot enemies as projectiles, which will bounce and hit other enemies. When an enemy has low health, they will be launched with extreme force!


TABLE 3.22 Hurricane Jet-Vac’s Upgrades!

Somer-Assault – 500: Press Attack 3 to dash forward. Enemies in the way will get kicked and damaged.

Better Blade Bounces – 700: Fans bounce more times.

Hurricane Hurrah – 900: Hold Attack 1 to charge up a hurricane; release to unleash it and damage any enemies in its path.

Make Them Sore – 1200: Somer-Assault attacks do more damage. Kicking and screaming! (Prerequisite: Somer-Assault)

Blade-Vac Path: Use your Jet Turbine Vacuum to create powerful vortexes.

Hurricane Hawk Path: Use improved wind power to clear a path through enemies.

Category Pain – 1700

Hold Attack 1 and release it to create a hurricane. Press Attack 1 repeatedly to shoot blades into the hurricane.

Hurricano – 2200

Hold Attack 1 and release to create a hurricane. Hurricanes now explode once they are over and damage enemies inside and around the hurricane.

Splitting Air – 3000

Press Attack 1 to shoot a bouncing blade while holding an enemy.

Turbulent Turbine – 1700

Press Attack 3 to dash forward. Enemies behind you when the dash is started take more damage.

Talon Take Off – 2200

Enemies hit at the end of a Somer-Assault are knocked back further and take more damage.

Double Flip – 3000

Press Attack 3 twice to give Somer-Assault another boost to travel further. Press Attack 3 after performing the Double Flip to perform another on the same enemy.

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