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Stormblade: “Feather the Storm!”


FIGURE 3.21 SPREAD YOUR WINGS and BREAK THE SOUND BARRIER, there’s a STORM blowing your way!

TABLE 3.19 Stormblade’s Stats!



SuperCharger Vehicle

Sky Slicer

Max. Health






Critical Hit


Elemental Power


Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it sure never hurt Stormblade! As a fledgling lark, she dove straight out of her nest in search of the furthest boundaries of Skylands. She wanted to discover what lay in the worlds beyond, but was dismayed to find Skylands had no end! Her bold and inquisitive nature led her to Know-It-All Island on a special mission for Master Eon, where she helped the Skylanders battle the evil Drow army and retrieve the Rift Engines from the depths of the Swirling Sea. Her heroic deeds won her a place as a SuperCharger, where she chases down evil in her custom-made vehicle, the Sky Slicer.

Attack Moves:

Feather Blade Throw: Press Attack 1 to throw a feathered blade at an enemy.

Steeled Winds: Press Attack 2 to perform a twirling blade dash forward, damaging enemies in your path. Hold Attack 2 to continue dashing.

Soul Gem Ability: Feather Weather – 4000: Hold Attack 1 while in the air to create a blade storm and rain down hundreds of blades on nearby enemies.


TABLE 3.20 Stormblade’s Upgrades!

Cyclone Surge – 500: Press Attack 3 to jump into the air and damage nearby enemies.

Storm Dive – 700: Press Attack 2 while in the air to dive down and damage enemies underneath you.

Fan of Feathers – 900: Press Attack 3 to jump into the air and throw a spread of feather blades at nearby enemies. (Prerequisite: Cyclone Surge.)

Feather Barrage – 1200: Hold Attack 1 until fully charged and then release to throw multiple feather blades out in front of you.

Wind Warrior Path: Use the power of the wind to defend against enemy onslaughts!

Blade Dancer Path: Hone your skill using feather blades!

Wind Wall – 1700

Steeled Winds and Cyclone Surge now destroy projectiles. Wind powered!

Sharpened Winds – 2200

Steeled Winds now does more damage.

Down Draft – 3000

Steeled Winds now slows enemies that are hit with it.

Fist Full of Feathers – 1700

Press Attack 1, Attack 1, Attack 1 while in the air to throw out feather blades at enemies below you.

Storm Sais – 2200

Feather blades become upgraded Storm Sais that do more damage!

Feather the Storm – 3000

Tap Attack 3 repeatedly to cause a hurricane underneath you that damages nearby enemies.

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