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Shark Shooter Terrafin: “It’s Feeding Time!”


FIGURE 3.3 Don’t be fooled by this FIN-fighter’s FANCY FOOTWORK, he’s a real KNOCK-OUT!

TABLE 3.1 Shark Shooter Terrafin’s Stats!



SuperCharged Vehicle

Shark Tank

Max. Health






Critical Hit


Elemental Power


Although he grew up surfing the soil of the Dirt Seas, Terrafin never plays dirty! His bravery and epic boxing skills led him to become a champion fighter in his homeland, where he drew the attention of Master Eon. He was quickly recruited for the SuperChargers team. Behind his toothy grin is a fin-sharp mind; with one quick dive, he’ll disappear underground, leaving a trail of rocky earth for his enemies to tumble over until—BAM!—Terrafin emerges shooting shark rockets right on target! This land shark is always ready to whip up a whirlpool of trouble for the bad guys.

Attack Moves:

Ballistic Frenzy: Press Attack 1 to fire shark rockets that burrow into the ground.

Earth Swim Blast: Press Attack 2 to burrow into the ground. Press Attack 1 to emerge and shoot a rocket at the ground.

Soul Gem Ability: Sand Snare – 4000: During Earth Swim Blast, press Jump to create a sand whirlpool to trap enemies in.


TABLE 3.2 Shark Shooter Terrafin’s Upgrades!

Slam Support – 500: Press Attack 3 to slam the gun on the ground and knock back nearby enemies. Press Attack 3 during Earth Swim Blast to launch a shark ally that will attack nearby enemies.

Seek or Swim – 700: Ballistic Frenzy rockets do more damage to enemies.

Surface to Air to Surface Missiles – 900: Hold Attack 3 to fire rockets into the ground that emerge and land on enemies. (Prerequisite- Slam Support.)

Seconds Please – 1200: Ballistic Frenzy rockets now hit enemies twice.

Shark Team Squadron Path: Gain more support from powerful shark allies!

All Terrain Trooper Path: Use advanced underground abilities to surprise and defeat enemies!

Three Best Fins – 1700

Press Attack 3 during Earth Swim Blast to launch three sharks.

What Goes Up – 2200

S.A.S. missiles do more damage on the way up and on the way down.

Land Shark – 3000

Hold Attack 1 and release to fire a mortar that summons a sand whirlpool and a large land shark.

Mentor Program – 1700

Press Attack 3 during Earth Swim Blast to make a bigger shark ally that lasts longer, can hit enemies multiple times, and does more damage.

Finesse – 2200

Earth Swim Blast speed is increased and enemies are damaged by the fancy new fin.

Mega Boomflop – 3000

During Earth Swim Blast, press Attack 1 to fire rockets and perform a belly flop that knocks back enemies.

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