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High Volt: “Protect and Surge!”


FIGURE 3.17 Make LIGHT WORK of villains! This Commander will AMP UP and re-FUSE to let evil SHORT CIRCUIT Skylands!

TABLE 3.15 High Volt’s Stats!



SuperCharger Vehicle

Shield Striker

Max. Health






Critical Hit


Elemental Power


There’s no one keeping a closer eye on the comings and goings of Kaos’ minions than Commander High Volt. From the Shockspire Tower Security HQ, he was the first to discover the Doom Station of Ultimate Destruction as it was being built, and gave up his post to alert Master Eon. Now as a tactical leader in the SuperChargers, High Volt uses his military training and vast knowledge of machinery to uphold the law. His electrically charged Static Spear and Shock-It Shield are powerful in melee attacks and can hold off an army of Trolls. Upgrade to cause an electrical explosion to black out even the most hardened criminals.

Attack Moves:

Static Spear: Press Attack 1 rapidly to perform melee attacks with your Static Spear.

Shock-It Shield: Hold Attack 2 to block attacks. Gain charges when hit, and release Attack 2 to issue the charges in a big blast that damages nearby enemies.

Soul Gem Ability: Re-Fused – 4000: Restore some health when you block and have low health.


TABLE 3.16 High Volt’s Upgrades!

Traveling Light – 500: Hold Attack 3 to throw your Static Spear and create an electric beam that damages enemies caught between you and the spear.

Quick Currents – 700: While using Traveling Light, you will gain a huge movement increase!

Insulated Iron – 900: Upgrade your armor to help against enemy attacks!

Amped Lamp – 1200: Hold Attack 1 to charge up your spear; release to cause a huge electric explosion that damages nearby enemies.

Light Fighter Path: Use powerful electric close-range attacks to stun and defeat your enemies!

Light in Shining Armor Path: Defeat enemies with a powered-up electric beam!

Bring into Light – 1700

Enemies caught inside your electric beam will be drawn to you when the spear returns to you.

Stun Shocked – 2200

Hold Attack 3 to throw your Static Spear and create an electric beam. After your spear returns, your next melee attack will damage and stun nearby enemies.

Black Out – 3000

Increases critical hit chance.

Bright Idea – 1700

Hold Attack 3 to throw your Static Spear and create a more powerful electric beam that does more damage to enemies caught in it.

Everything is Relative – 2200

Hold Attack 3 to throw your Static Spear and create an electric beam that now also slows enemies caught in it.

Unbreakable – 3000

Stay in the fight longer with more health! Ample room for error!

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