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The Good Guys

Meet all the new SuperCharged characters including bios, attack moves, speed and strength stats, Soul Gem abilities, and upgrade paths and get a look at their strengths and weaknesses, weapons, stats, and mods.

This chapter is from the book

What’s the very best thing about an adventure? Of course, it’s the brave and clever heroes who rush in where others fear to tread! With Skylanders SuperChargers, we got super lucky—there are 20 inspiring Skylanders to lead us into battle, and each one has his or her own unique, crazy, and powerful fighting abilities.

Alongside these feisty fighters, you can summon laser-sheep on flying meteors, shoot water cannons from giant eyeballs, paint with explosives, erupt volcanoes where you stand, surf tidal waves, and go completely berserk! (Just to name a few... phew!) Let your imagination go wild, fighting with this stellar new team of champions as you hunt down Kaos and his minions throughout Skylands.

Meet the New SuperChargers

In this chapter you’ll meet each of the newest SuperChargers and find out why they were hand-picked for Eon’s team of heroes, take a closer look at their attack moves, upgrades, strengths, and weaknesses, and learn all about their signature SuperCharged vehicles as well.


FIGURE 3.1 Twenty new characters are waiting to drive their SuperCharged vehicles into the Skylander history books. Get your portal ready!

SuperCharger Upgrades

As discussed in Chapter 2, “Start Your Engines,” each Skylander can be upgraded by visiting Persephone at Skylanders Academy, or wherever else she pops up during the story chapters. All SuperChargers begin with two basic attacks, which can be improved upon until your Skylander is an all-powerful fighting machine. You can customize their abilities by choosing an attack path that suits your fighting style, as outlined in each character’s biography in this chapter. Try to make sure you have a range of skills available across your collection for big boss fights—some melee, some long-range, and a few healing abilities. You’ll need them when times get tough.

Vehicle Upgrades

Visit Sharpfin and his team at Skylanders Academy (they are also hiding somewhere in each chapter, usually near the vehicle challenges) to buy upgrades for your vehicles’ shields and weapons. There are five levels of increasing defensive power to buy using the gearbits you collect as you play, as outlined in this chapter, although this cost can be reduced by collecting Winged Sapphires (see Chapter 5, “Cool Collectibles”). The costs for buying shield and weapon upgrades are different for each individual vehicle (as listed in the upcoming biographies).

Racing Chest Bonus Mods

Don’t forget that upgrading your vehicles doesn’t end with shields and weapons! You’ll find special “mods” (modifications) to rev up your machine as you explore Skylands. The performance mods and specialty mods can be interchanged at any time to create an easier ride by improving your vehicle handling or to increase your acceleration and power (for the speed demons out there, like you!). You can even switch up your horns (just for fun!). There are four different kinds of horn mods (as shown in Figure 3.2), each of which has a different name and sound for each vehicle. You’ll find mods in the vehicle challenges of the adventure chapters. These are also given as rewards for coming in first in race mode.


FIGURE 3.2 Choose between four different horns for each of your vehicles as interchangeable mods.

Upgrading your SuperChargers and vehicles will make a huge difference to your gameplay and really give you the edge over villains. Have a browse through this chapter to get up close and personal with your new team and their vehicles so you can plan ahead for upgrade paths and mod exchanges!

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