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This step lays out specific procedures to recover from each security breach and disaster scenario identified and described in the assessment step:

  • Who? Which employees have the prime and backup responsibility for implementing each specific recovery procedure?

  • Where? In what locations are spares, excess capacity, and backup systems stored or installed?

  • When? What determines implementing recovery for a security breach or disaster? Who makes the decision to implement the plan? How are customers and the public notified of what has happened and how they might be affected?

  • What? How is the plan documented and published so that all employees know exactly what to do in the event of a security breach or disaster? Copies of security and disaster recovery plans should exist in every location of a company, not just the headquarters and the IT department. The enterprise key personnel involved should have copies of the plans at home in the event that a disaster happens during non-working hours. How often is the plan reviewed and updated?

In the planning stage, the steps for reacting to a security breach or disaster are spelled out in precise detail so that everyone knows what to do in the event that such scenarios become reality.

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