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Wrapping Up: From Inside-Out to Outside-In

It should be clear by now that outside-in marketing is a radical new way of engaging in marketing. Digital drops distribution costs of content to nearly zero, allowing just about anyone to play. But outside-in marketing’s most striking aspect is its use of data to understand the audience. Data allows marketers to provide the content they need to solve the audience’s problems and to answer their questions.

By providing excellent customer experiences, you gain their trust and develop loyalty. When your customers are loyal in this way, they become your best marketers, promoting your brand to their friends and followers.

It all starts with credible and compelling stories geared toward what customers need, not driven from some clever campaign conceived in a Mad Men-style smoke-filled room. In concept, it might seem simple, but in practice, transforming your environment to this new approach requires major cultural, process, and technological changes to your environment. The remainder of this book describes these transformations and the results that have been achieved along the way, starting with a deeper dive in content marketing in the next chapter.

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