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Getting to Know High-Tech Canes

If you use a cane on your walks, you should know that technological developments are being made for canes as well. These extra bells and whistles provide an added layer of safety and security when you’re out living an active lifestyle. In the world of high-tech canes, there are two types: those that are in development, and those that you can purchase today. There are promises of canes with GPS, and even facial recognition for people who are blind. For now, this section deals with the canes that you can get today.

Secure Folding Walking Cane

The Secure Folding Walking Cane’s multifunction features make it a great safety accessory for everyday use. This cane includes an LED flashlight that you can use to light the way in low-light conditions, as well as to make yourself more visible, such as when you’re crossing the street. If you’re ever in an emergency situation or feel unsafe, the Secure Folding Walking Cane also has a pushbutton panic alarm and a flashing red alert/warning light. When pressed, the pushbutton panic alarm emits a high-decibel alarm sound that draws the attention of others, making it great for situations when immediate help is needed.

The Secure Folding Walking cane requires 2 AAA batteries and has a weight capacity that supports up to 220 lbs. It’s made of durable aluminum alloy and is telescopically adjustable from 30"–34" in length. Just like the name indicates, it folds away neatly for storage. Visit padalarm.com or just search online for “Secure Folding Walking Cane” to learn more about and to purchase this cane.

Trusty Cane

The Trusty LED Folding, Walking, Triple Head Pivot Base Cane is a product you might have seen on TV in an infomercial. The three built-in lights (one pointing forward, two pointing down) help light your path in low-light conditions and make you visible to motorists and cyclists. The triple head, extra-wide pivoting base provides more stability on different terrains, enabling you to maintain a more natural stride. The ergonomic grip adjusts to your size, and then locks in to place. It is adjustable from 31"–38" tall and can be adjusted to five different lengths. This cane requires 3 AAA batteries and supports up to 250 lbs. This cane also folds neatly away for easy storage. Point your browser to amazon.com and search for Trusty Cane LED.


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The Secure Folding Walking Cane has an LED flashlight, panic alarm, and flashing alarm light, and it folds for easy storage.

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