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Tracking Steps

If you don’t use a pedometer, you probably have no idea how many steps you take in a day. For reference, there are roughly 2,000 steps in a mile. Ten thousand steps a day, roughly 5 miles, has been the popular baseline goal for maintaining a healthy weight and is recommended by the American Heart Association. Some fitness trackers use this as a default value. Ask your doctor for a specific baseline for your personal health needs to get you started. A fitness app and/or tracker can help you know approximately how many steps you take in a day.

Apple Health App

If you have an iPhone 5s or later that runs iOS8 or later, you can use the preinstalled Apple Health app to track your steps. The information is neatly presented in graphs. Beginning to track your steps is easy. The following examples are shown on an iPhone.

  • circle-1.jpg Tap the Health app on your iPhone.

  • circle-2.jpg Tap Health Data.
  • circle-3.jpg Tap Fitness.

  • circle-4.jpg Tap Steps.

  • circle-5.jpg Tap Show on Dashboard to the On position.

  • circle-6.jpg Tap Dashboard to view your step data on the main screen and start stepping. The Health app is able to detect which activity you are performing.


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The Apple Activity app


Depending on the device that you have, you don’t need a Fitbit tracker to manage some basic activities. You can track steps and distance on your iPhone using only the free app when you carry your phone. MobileTrack uses motion sensors in your iPhone 5s, 6, and 6 Plus to enable you to track steps. As of this writing, Android and Windows Phones require a Fitbit tracker. Pair the Fitbit tracker with the app to unlock all the features Fitbit has to offer. Download the Fitbit app from the Google Play Store, the App Store, and the Windows Phone Store, and then set up an account by answering a few personal questions and verifying your email. Allow the Fitbit app to access your motion activity during the setup process. After the setup, you are taken to the Dashboard where you can access your step information.

Setting Up MobileTrack Account

Use the following steps to set up a new MobileTrack account so you can use the Fitbit app on your iPhone for tracking steps.

Tracking Activities

After you have set up a MobileTrack account, tracking basic activities such as steps on your iPhone is easy.

Google Fit

Google Fit is a free Android app that is optimized for smartphones, tablets, and web portals. Although it can connect with a wide range of apps and fitness trackers (including Android Wear devices) to gather higher-level tracking data, Google Fit doesn’t need additional apps and devices when it comes to the basics. The app can use the sensors already built in to your device to automatically detect activities including running, cycling, and walking. You can set goals and keep track of how often you meet them. If you have a current Android device, this app may already be installed. If it’s not, download it from the Google Play Store. Setting up your Fit profile includes providing some basic information about yourself and allowing activity detection. The set-up process walks you through step by step.

After you set up your profile, follow these steps to track your daily steps with your Android phone.

S Health

S (Samsung) Health is a personal trainer and lifestyle companion that enables you to track your fitness endeavors, including your weight, diet, and even sleep. If you have a Samsung phone running Android OS 4.4 or higher, it might be preinstalled on your phone. S Health is free and works with non-Samsung, Android phones as well, so you can go to the Google Play Store and download the app. As of this writing, there is no version for Apple (iOS) devices. The app makes it easy for you to track activities including running, hiking, biking, and various exercises by using your phone’s built-in trackers. You can track your steps using the Pedometer function that uses your phone’s motion sensors.

After you set up your S Health profile, follow these steps to track your daily steps. These steps are shown on an Android phone.

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