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Building the Four Wireless Application Families of the Wireless Internet

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Four families of wireless applications serve wireless Internet users. Learn the distinctions of messaging, web browsing, interactive, and conversational wireless software development, and prepare for what's next in wireless applications.
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The new wireless network and device technologies are making possible new wireless applications and content for mobile users, whose purpose and personality are now being given new dimensions. The emerging world of wireless applications is the greatest opportunity that developers have yet encountered. While computer and telecommunication network vendors promote conventional uses of their products, it's necessary for developers to have a complete and realistic view of the many kinds of wireless applications that can be made. The four wireless application families are messaging, web browsing, interactive, and conversational. Each is built around a client, a server, and a content source.

Internet developers are in a good position to play on the emerging wireless Internet because, wire or not, all content is entirely Internet-served. However, essential mobile wireless Internet applications are more personal than a pocket watch. Their newness requires a development method that recognizes mobile personas. The combination of new wireless networks and mobile devices makes possible the emerging application virtues of the wireless Internet—location, immediacy, and identity. All next-generation personal wireless applications for emergency, business, or pleasure are distinguished by these elements.

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