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Frank Remarks: Other People's Money - Designing Web Sites for Success and Profit

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It's very easy to spend a lot of time, effort, and money working up a web design for a client - only to have the whole project crash and burn. That's bad enough, but what if the client hauls your business into court, claiming that you didn't keep up your end of the bargain? Frank Fiore has seen this scenario, and shows you how to avoid it.
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I enjoy watching Danny DeVito. Partly it's because he's an Italian like me, but more specifically it's because of some of the great lines he's had the privilege of uttering onscreen.

One of my favorite lines has to do with lawyers. When asked in the movie Other People's Money whether they should bring in lawyers to knock out an agreement, DeVito's character declines, saying, "Lawyers are like atom bombs. Each side has them because the other side does. But you don't want to use them because they just really muck up the place."

Does your business design web sites for other businesses? The last thing you want is to confront these atom bombs when your client sues you for failure to deliver on what was promised.

What Went Wrong?

It goes like this.

Both you and your client are backslapping buddies in the beginning, filled with the enthusiasm of creating a digital presence on the web for their business. The feelings are positive and much is anticipated by both parties. Your client looks forward to a wonderfully designed web site that meets their digital marketing needs and you look forward to being paid.

Sometimes it doesn't work out that way, though. Why? Two reasons.

  • First, failing to communicate exactly what your web design business will do for the client and how you will do it—and putting it all down in clear and concise writing.

  • Second, failing to get the client to sign off on the design process every step of the way.

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