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In summary, then, important points to remember from this chapter are the following:

  • S&OP, or other similarly named processes, often fail to achieve true integration.
  • Integration should be thought of as multiple entities behaving as if they were a single entity to achieve common organizational goals.
  • Integration can be achieved through multiple mechanisms: organizational structure, integrative processes, and organizational culture. Culture is, by far, the most important, yet the most difficult, to put into effect.
  • Efforts to achieve true business integration must be driven both from the top down and from the bottom up. Top-down change is driven by senior leadership commitment to an organizational structure that will not impede integration, formal disciplined processes that create a forum for integration, and a culture that will facilitate integration. Bottom-up efforts to achieve integration should be driven by measurement and reward structures that incentivize integrative behaviors, and education and training opportunities that demonstrate to individual people the benefits that can derive from true business integration.
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