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In this hour, you explored the Xcode IB editor and the tools it provides for building rich graphical interfaces for your iOS applications. You learned how to navigate IB storyboards and access the GUI elements from the Object Library. Using the various inspector tools within IB, you reviewed how GUI elements can be placed within a scene using constraints, how the look and feel of onscreen controls can be customized, and how interfaces can be made accessible to the visually impaired.

More than just a pretty picture, an IB-created interface uses simple outlets and actions to connect to functionality in your code. You used IB’s connection tools to turn a nonfunctioning interface into a complete application. By maintaining a separation between the code you write and what is displayed to the user, you can revise your interface to look however you want, without breaking your application. In Hour 6, you examine how to create outlets and actions from scratch in Xcode (and thus gain a full toolset to get started developing).

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