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Make Transformation a Simple Routine

Overall, driving transformations and dramatic shifts in performance is hard work. Old habits die hard. In transformation work there are many moving parts and tough decisions to make. But if you are intent on breaking your organization free of mediocrity or sending it in a bold, new direction, you can profit from the insights of leaders who have succeeded in doing just that in the chapters that follow. If you put the right process in place, it will handle 90% of all of the lessons, keys to success, and subtle warning flags to which you need to pay attention. Then you can spend your time thinking strategically, working closely with your leadership team, and communicating clearly with all your employees—the key areas where you can provide the most value.

The surprisingly simple ACT-based process architecture can be put in place to bring all of the critical principles into play. It contains the foundational elements for simply and reliably leading a rapid and successful corporate transformation. Most of the remaining chapters lay out in sequence the foundational accelerators that you need to deploy, starting with the Launch Phase and continuing all the way through the Execution and Replanning Phases.3

So let’s take a closer look at ACT.

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