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Staying Up-to-Date

Although you can manage your software updates through Synaptic, Ubuntu provides a dedicated tool called Software Updater (shown in Figure 9.3). This tool is designed to be simple to use: When you run it, Software Updater automatically downloads the list of updates available and checks them all in the list it shows. If the update list was downloaded automatically not too long ago, you can force Ubuntu to refresh the list of available updates by clicking the Check button. Otherwise, all you need to do is click Install Updates to bring your system up to date. If you want a little more information about the updates, click Show Details at the bottom to see what has changed in the update.


FIGURE 9.3 If you need to update your software to apply bug fixes and security upgrades, use Software Updater.

Ubuntu automatically checks for updates periodically and notifies you when critical updates are available. However, there’s no harm running Software Updater yourself every so often, just to make sure; it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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