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Make Traveling Easier with Your iPad

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This excerpt from My iPad for Seniors, 3rd Edition shows you how to take advantage of some of the best iPad apps for planning and managing your travel needs.
This chapter is from the book

In this chapter, you learn to take advantage of some of the best iPad apps for planning and managing your travel needs.

  • Find interesting locations to visit and discounts using the AARP app.
  • Find travel accommodations with Airbnb.
  • Travel the world living like a local using the Intervac Home Exchange app.
  • Use Foursquare to enhance all aspects of your travel.
  • Use Kayak to create and manage your next trip.
  • Find your way using the Maps app.
  • Use SeatGuru to make your in-flight time as comfortable as possible.
  • Let Talking Translator help you communicate while traveling abroad.
  • Take advantage of others’ travel experiences using TripAdvisor.
  • Get a ride using Uber or other travel apps.

The iPad makes traveling easier and more enjoyable. Not only can you book your flight from your easy chair, but you can plan your itinerary, scope out amazing restaurants and markets, and find key things to do and sights not to be missed so that you take full advantage of your destination. And the great news is that most of the best iPad apps for travel are free!

Using the AARP App

AARP has built an awesome app that provides many interesting insights. The travel section of the app is useful. It zeroes in on several stunning travel ideas, and annotates them individually so that with a tap of your iPad, you can be planning your next trip.

  • cir_1.jpg Search the App Store for the AARP app. Tap the Get button, and then tap Install to download it. Tap Open to open it. If you are not already a registered user, you must register at the AARP website (www.aarp.org) to access this app.

  • cir_2.jpg After you register with AARP, you can use the same password and username to access the AARP app. Tap the icon for the AARP app on your iPad, and then sign in with your AARP username and password, or if you choose, tap register to be transferred to the AARP website to register.

  • cir_3.jpg After reviewing a quick overview of the app, the AARP home page contains several interesting options to explore. Health, money, latest, work and retirement, care-giving resources center, life tools, and, of course, travel. Each of these segments is well thought out and contains a number of helpful articles.
  • cir_4.jpg For this task, explore the Travel section of the app. Tap the AARP travel icon.

  • cir_5.jpg In the Travel section of this app, you meet the AARP Travel Ambassador, Samantha Brown, a well-known travel show host.
  • cir_6.jpg You can find several additional pages of options by swiping your finger across your IPad from right to left to move on to the next page. AARP has chosen some enticing travel titles including Captivating Island Getaways, 9 Thrilling Drives Across America, New Air Travel Rules, 5 Must See Rome Sights, and more. There are a total of 70 different articles available at this time.
  • cir_7.jpg For this task, tap 9 Thrilling Drives Across America.

  • cir_8.jpg Tap the View Slideshow button to access the article.

  • cir_9.jpg The slideshow begins with Mauna Kea Summit Road in Hawaii. Swipe right to left to move along to the Dalton Highway in Alaska, Highway 1 in California, and on to many other breathtaking drives across the United States. This is an enticing app that can certainly stimulate your wanderlust.

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