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From the author of Other Ways To Utilize iCloud Drive From Your iPhone or iPad

Other Ways To Utilize iCloud Drive From Your iPhone or iPad

While the iCloud Drive app serves as a conduit for accessing data, documents, files, and content that you’ve manually stored online (within iCloud Drive), there are other ways to access iCloud Drive content from your iPhone or iPad.

For example, when using the Mail app, if you receive an email that contains an attachment (such as a Word document), tap on that attachment icon to download the file to your mobile device. Then place and hold your finger on that icon for a second or two, until the Share menu appears. From the Share menu, tap on the Save Attachment icon (shown in Figure 4).

Figure 4 Transfer a document or file that was received via email to iCloud Drive by tapping on the Share menu, and then selecting the Save Attachment option.

Access to iCloud Drive will be granted, and your existing folders will be displayed. Tap on a folder where you want to store the attachment, and then tap on the Move To This Location option. The file is then be stored online, within your iCloud Drive account, and becomes accessible from the iCloud Drive app.

Then, you can open that file anytime later by launching the iCloud Drive app and tapping on its listing or icon in order to preview it within the app. Next, tap on the Share icon to open that file within a compatible app that’s installed on your iPhone or iPad, and that’s listed within the Share menu.

Keep in mind, you can also attach any file that’s stored within iCloud Drive to an outgoing email that’s being composed on your iPhone or iPad (using the Mail app). To do this, select the Add Attachment command. Then, from the iCloud Drive screen, select the file(s) you want to attach to the email you’re composing.

You’ll also notice that more and more third-party apps that allow you to create content, documents, and files now support iCloud Drive functionality, so from within that compatible app, it’s possible to export your content from that app and store it within iCloud Drive.

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