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How to Use the New iCloud Drive App on the iPhone or iPad

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In this article, Jason R. Rich, author of iPad and iPhone Tips and Tricks, 5th Edition explains some of the ways you can utilize the new iCloud Drive mobile app, that comes preinstalled with iOS 9, in order to better manage your data, documents, photos, and files, plus have access to this information when and where it’s needed.
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Apple’s online-based iCloud service is available to all Mac, iPhone, and iPad users. It is designed to automatically handle a wide range of tasks related to backing up, syncing, and sharing app-specific data, documents, files, photos, and other content.

In recent years, the functionality of iCloud has expanded rather dramatically. Integration with this online service has been incorporated into the iOS (for iPhone/iPad) and OS X (for Mac) operating systems, as well as within a growing selection of apps.

Using the free iCloud for Windows software, it’s even possible for PCs to utilize some of this service’s functionality in order to share content with Macs and iOS mobile devices, for example.

iCloud Has Many Features and Functions

iCloud Backup, Find My..., iCloud Photo Library, Family Sharing, and iCloud Keychain are just a sampling of the features and functions that rely heavily on the close integration between iOS running on your iPhone or iPad, and the iCloud online service.

Creating an iCloud account is free, and it includes 5GB of online storage. Additional online storage can be purchased for a monthly fee ($0.99 for 50GB, $2.99 for 200GB, or $9.99 for 1TB). If you haven’t already done so, to set up an iCloud account (or manage your account), visit https://www.apple.com/icloud/setup.

Keep in mind, you only need one iCloud account, regardless of how many computers or mobile devices you’ll be using it with. One objective of iCloud is for all of your computers and mobile devices to be linked to a single account, allowing the service to automatically sync data, documents, photos, and files when using compatible apps.

Many of iCloud’s most popular features only need to be set up once, allowing for each feature or function to then automatically work, on an ongoing basis, in the background. However, thanks to a newer feature, called iCloud Drive, you can also manually store content in the cloud, and then easily retrieve it from any of your computers or mobile devices that are linked to your iCloud account, or when you sign in to the iCloud.com website.

iCloud Drive is accessible from any of your computers or iOS mobile devices when they’re connected to the Internet.

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