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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Copying Text and Images from Web Pages

The Internet app treats web pages like other documents. That is, you can copy text and images from a web page you view in a browser to another app.

Copy a Block of Text

You can select text from web pages to copy and paste into other documents, such as email messages or your own text documents.

  1. Navigate to a web page in the Internet app if you haven’t done so already (not shown).
  2. Hold down your finger on the first word in the block of text and then release your finger. The first word is highlighted in green with blue “handles” at the beginning and end of the word.

  3. Hold down your finger on the bottom handle (the one on the right side of the word) and drag over the text you want to copy. When you are finished, release your finger. The selected text is highlighted in green.
  4. In the pop-up menu that appears above the selected text, tap the Copy icon. Android informs you that the text has been copied to the Clipboard. You can now go to another application, such as Email (or an email form on another web page), and paste the text into a text area. For example, in the Email app, you tap and hold on the cursor in the message for a second or two and then tap Paste in the pop-up menu that appears above the cursor.

Copy an Image

In addition to being able to copy and paste text from the Internet app, you can also copy images from a web page and save them to an email message or a photo collection.

  1. Go to a web page that includes an image on the page (not shown).
  2. Tap and hold your finger on that image for a couple of seconds and then release your finger. The image menu window appears on the screen.
  3. Tap Save. This saves your image to the Galaxy Tab A so you can view and use it in any app where you select images from your photo albums. Note that the menu options may differ depending on the image you select.

  4. As the file downloads, the download icon appears in the status bar. When the file finishes downloading, the status bar disappears.

  5. Return to the Home screen by pressing the Home button (not shown).
  6. Hold your finger on the status bar and swipe down to open the Quick Settings and Notifications screen.

  7. Tap the image filename to open the file in the Gallery or Photos app.

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