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E-Cards Go Everywhere the Internet Goes

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The holiday season is approaching rapidly, and you haven’t sent your greeting cards yet. Shame on you! Author and columnist Ed Tittel explains how you can turn recent concerns about regular mail to your advantage, go digital with your greetings this year, and send cards to everyone in your family with no fears of spreading anything other than love, joy and happiness. Talk about a win-win situation: you can wait until the last minute and still look like a hero!
Ed Tittel is a regular contributor to InformIT.
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Like this article? We recommend

In these days of nearly ubiquitous Internet access, your Grandma is as likely to be hogging a lane on the virtual highway as anybody else in your family. With the holidays at hand, and human tendencies to procrastinate unchecked by attempts to plan ahead, box upon box of last year's cards in the closet, and a roll of unused Xmas stamps in the drawer, why not skip the whole snail mail route in favor of an e-card?

Delivery is nearly instantaneous (you have to pay through the nose to get the real-world equivalent of Internet e-mail delivery, especially this time of year). Selection is broad and easy. You can customize card copy to your heart's content (but do use the spelling checker). And best of all, it's usually free to send e-greetings instead of paperware holiday greetings. For just about anybody in general, but for procrastinators in particular, it just doesn't get any better than that!

Surveying the e-card Landscape

Hopefully, you'll be neither shocked nor surprised to learn that numerous outfits offer e-cards to the public. Likewise, it shouldn't shock you to learn that there are various compendia of e-card providers available, such as http://www.ecards-directory.com. There you'll find various recommended e-card sites.

Then, too, turning your favorite search engine loose on the topic "e-card" or "e-card directory" turns up a dizzying array of options and choices. A more focused search, such as "e-Christmas card" or "Christmas e-card" likewise turns up hundreds of potential sites to work with.

Although the job of sending your e-cards may be faster and easier than the traditional paper card way, the number of sites you can visit, the number of options to choose from, and the kinds of greetings against which you can set your name can seem kind of overwhelming. Suffice it to say that in addition to perennial suppliers of holiday greeting cards and big well-recognized e-card sites (like those from Yahoo! Greetings (http://greetings.yahoo.com/), Blue Mountain (http://www.bluemountain.com/) or Hallmark (http://www.hallmark.com) you will have plenty of other potential suppliers of e-sentiments, e-holiday wishes, e-special interests, and so forth, to choose from!

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