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At present, over 50 options can be configured in the server to set parameters such as maximum quota per user, gateway administrators, maximum size of each request, size to split large files, access control lists (ACL), and deny sites. Options to configure the use of proxy servers exist along with options for routing outgoing mail via one or more mail server. www4mail uses the following algorithm for loading configuration files, in order to archive maximum flexibility:

  • Loads master configuration file during the maincfg stage.

  • Loads a server-only configuration file based on the contents of the mail To: header. This could be used to provide virtual server installations. One installation can handle several different server addresses, with different operational parameters.

  • Loads a user configuration file based on the contents of the From: header. Here a search is done for a user-specific file and then domain-specific file. For example, users from a network in Africa could be given more quota or have their requests processed faster.

  • The browser also checks for a configuration file based on a destination site being requested. This allows controlling access to materials located at some sites. For example, access could easily be limited to certain times of the day or limited to a certain number of times.

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