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Database Search via www4mail

One of the main characteristics of www4mail is that it allows you to fill in forms via email as if you were surfing the Web via a live connection; POST, GET, and ISINDEX types of searches are fully supported. This has the added advantage of searching the entire Web via email using any of the available search engines.

To begin, retrieve the home page of the search engine you want to use (see Figure 6), enter your keywords or strings into the available input textbox (see Figure 7), and click the Search button (usually attached to the form). Note that the Get Selected Document(s) button is not used to submit form data.

Figure 6 Web browser view of http://www.yahoo.com.

Figure 7 Enter your keywords or strings into the Search textbox.

Figure 8 is how the page looks using a Web browser, and Figure 9 is the output using www4mail.

Figure 8 Web browser search output.

Figure 9 www4mail search output.

Each www4mail server maintains several Access Control Lists (ACL), which may be configured to restrict access to certain sites and materials. The ACL lists may be updated directly from www.www4mail.org or locally by the server administrators.

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