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www4mail Reply in the Body of the Message

In case your email reader does not support MIME; however, you can also use the XUUENCODE option to retrieve Web pages or binary files (encoded into text) in the body of a message. Or for HTML pages, the GET or SEND command may be used to obtain a plain text version of a Web page (see Figure 4). Although this alternative may be seen as out-of-date, it delivers only the page content in text that may be viewed directly in the email client program without the need for a Web browser.

Figure 4 To view a plain text version of a Web page.

At the bottom of such a message received, listed URLs will appear referring to each link contained in the Web page. If you want to send one of these URLs to www4mail but it is too long to fit onto a single line, you can split it up by ending the line with a backslash (\).

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