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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Landscaping for Your Minecraft World

Prior to importing my maze, I found a nice medieval tower that I plopped down in my EngineerLand world. You can see it in Figure 3.13, with the Eiffel Tower in the distance.


FIGURE 3.13 A nice little piece of land to place a maze.

I’ve used MCEdit to import my maze, but as you can see in Figure 3.14, there’s a slight problem.


FIGURE 3.14 The maze is imported but not permanently placed.

If you can’t see the problem here, take a look at Figure 3.15. Here you can see that I’ve dropped down (using the WASD and IJKL keys), and you and I can both now see that the maze is floating above the terrain. Not good. What I need is a lot of flat terrain surrounding the tower before I place the maze. Specifically, I need at least 239 blocks by 239 blocks of flat terrain (to fit the length and width of my maze).


FIGURE 3.15 The maze is floating above the ground.

Normally, you’d have to flatten a piece of land by mining it block by block by block. Yawn. Fortunately, MCEdit can come to my rescue.

There are a lot of things you can do with MCEdit, as you’ll discover in this book. One handy help MCEdit gives you is the ability to quickly and easily modify the terrain to suit your needs. In Chapter 2, you saw how easy it is to change one type of block to another; in Chapter 4, I’m going to show you how to use MCEdit to remove large numbers of blocks simultaneously.

I’ve already done this block removal in Figure 3.16. I’m high up in the air so you can get a good look at the flat terrain that is 250 by 250 blocks of stone—a perfect surface for planting my maze and my tower, although I could have filled it with grass or any other block material.


FIGURE 3.16 This flat terrain will be perfect for my maze.

After placing the maze with a single click (but before clicking the Import button), I can see that it fits well in my 250 × 250-block plot of flat terrain, as shown in Figure 3.17.


FIGURE 3.17 My maze fits well on the flat terrain.

Now it’s time to import the tower and place it at the center of the maze. You can see in Figure 3.18 that the tower sits in the center circle. I also converted the rock surface to grass (using the Fill and Replace tool covered in Chapter 2).


FIGURE 3.18 My tower in the middle of the maze.

Before I go explore my maze in Minecraft, I click on the MCEdit menu and choose Save. After the save action is done, I click on MCEdit again and choose Quit. Now I can go check out my maze in Minecraft.

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