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Configuring and Personalizing Chrome OS

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In this chapter from My Google Chromebook, 3rd Edition, you’ll learn about the many configuration options available with Chrome OS, from changing Chrome’s startup behavior to selecting a new desktop background.
This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

  • Personalizing the Desktop
  • Configuring the Chrome Browser
  • Configuring Other Settings

Chrome OS works just fine in its default configuration, but there are a lot of things about Chrome you can configure to create a more uniquely personal user experience.

Personalizing the Desktop

The Chrome OS desktop can be customized in terms of colors and background images. It’s a quick and easy way to personalize your own Chrome experience.

Change the Desktop Background

Most users like to select their own pictures for their computer desktops. It’s no different with Chromebooks, which is why Chrome OS offers the option of personalized background images. You can select from images provided by Google, images uploaded from your computer, or plain colored backgrounds.

  1. Click anywhere in the status area to display the Settings panel.
  2. Click Settings.

  3. Go to the Appearance section of the Settings page and click the Set Wallpaper button to open the Wallpaper window.

  4. Select a tab to display wallpapers of a given type—All, Landscape, Urban, Colors, Nature, or Custom.
  5. Click the wallpaper you wish to use. This image is now downloaded to your computer and set as your desktop background.

  6. To select a solid color background, select the Colors tab and then click the desired color.

  7. To upload your own personal image, select the Custom tab and then click the + tile.

  8. When the next pane appears, click the Choose File button to display the Select a File to Open window.

  9. Navigate to and select the desired image file.
  10. Click Open. You now see the image set as the desktop wallpaper.

  11. If the image doesn’t exactly fit the screen dimensions, click the Position button to determine how the image is displayed—Center, Center Cropped, or Stretch.
  12. Click the X to close the panel.

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