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Bluetooth Technology for Wireless PANs

Bluetooth technology was invented to replace cables between small personal devices (mobile phones, pagers, PDAs, and so on). As such, Bluetooth wireless technology is optimized for short-range, low-power voice and data communication. Although some Bluetooth profiles describe methods to connect personal devices to networks, Bluetooth technology is not a bona fide networking technology. It is a WPAN technology—after all, WPANs are used to connect personal devices within a small area, and Bluetooth technology focuses precisely on that.

In contrast to WLAN technologies such as IEEE 802.11, Bluetooth wireless communications consume significantly less power. This is because Bluetooth links operate over shorter distances at lower data rates. The nominal data rate and range for Bluetooth technology are each about one-tenth that for IEEE 802.11. Although this doesn't necessarily mean that Bluetooth communication uses only one per cent of the power required for WLAN communication, it does indicate that significantly less power is required for Bluetooth communications.

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