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Where We've Been

  • Once a set-top language destined to control the toasters of the world, Java has become the language darling in the software industry and is quickly eclipsing many other long-standing languages that have been around for years.

  • Java has grown in acceptance for many reasons, including its support of a write-once, run-anywhere strategy. In addition, the vast middleware marketplace that affords multitier solutions has embraced Java as its prime source of enablement.

  • Java cleanly implemented the notion of interface and implementation inheritance, allowing for a more natural and easy-to-understand use of the constructs.

  • Java is greatly influenced by the work done in three UML diagrams: use-case, class, and sequence (or collaboration).

Where We're Going Next

In the next chapter we:

  • Explore the project plan for the Unified Process model.

  • Review the importance of creating a vision for a project, and look at deliverables from that effort.

  • Get acquainted with the book's continuing project, Remulak Productions.

  • Produce an event list as a precursor to use-case analysis.

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