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In closing, I should point that you should strive to design memetics in which the shareable content naturally lends itself to multiple referrals. For an example of this kind of memetic, see the Love Detective site, which employs a one-to-many memetic. In contrast, the simple memetic covered in this article is a one-to-one memetic.

Believe it or not, this completes the technical part of your personal web business (see Figure 6)!

Figure 6 Completed autonomous business model.

If you've been following along each week and doing the homework assignments, you now know the basic skills needed to develop a personal web business based on the autonomous business model. For a more in-depth and graphical treatment of personal web businesses, keep on the lookout for the book my wife (Nancy Flor) and I are writing on this topic, scheduled for publication in 2002.

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