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What Do I Do After the Exam?

Hopefully, if you prepared properly, your score will be greater than just the passing score. If it is, celebrate! I usually take myself out for a Reuben sandwich, I drink a frosty adult beverage, and then it's off to some action-packed guy movie that most girls I date won't allow me to see. You do what works best for you: golf, sky dive, eat a mustard sandwich. Whatever—Just reward yourself with something you wouldn't ordinarily do.

If you don't pass, don't worry; there is always next time. Retreat to your car, where you've left a notepad and a pen. Jot down all you can remember about the exam and the questions that puzzled you the most. And then start the next day back on schedule. Count the exam as part of your studying routine. In fact, reschedule to pass the exam again so you've got another deadline to work toward.

Do you have some exam-taking tips to share? Share your strategies!

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