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Client Dataset Basics

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This sample chapter from Delphi/Kylix Database Development introduces the basic operations of client datasets, and explains how they can be useful standalone tools. Read on to learn how to create a client dataset, and how to populate, navigate, and manipulate it. Indexes, filters, and ranges are also covered.
This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

In the preceding two chapters, I discussed dbExpress—a unidirectional database technology. In the real world, most applications support bidirectional scrolling through a dataset. As noted previously, Borland has addressed bidirectional datasets through a technology known as client datasets. This chapter introduces you to the basic operations of client datasets, including how they are a useful standalone tool. Subsequent chapters focus on more advanced client dataset capabilities, including how you can hook a client dataset up to a dbExpress (or other) database connection to create a true multitier application.

What Is a Client Dataset?

A client dataset, as its name suggests, is a dataset that is located in a client application (as opposed to an application server). The name is a bit of a misnomer, because it seems to indicate that client datasets have no use outside a client/server or multitier application. However, as you'll see in this chapter, client datasets are useful in other types of applications, especially single-tier database applications.


Client datasets were originally introduced in Delphi 3, and they presented a method for creating multitier applications in Delphi. As their use became more widespread, they were enhanced to support additional single-tier functionality.

The base class in VCL/CLX for client datasets is TCustomClientDataSet. Typically, you don't work with TCustomClientDataSet directly, but with its direct descendent, TClientDataSet. (In Chapter 7, "Dataset Providers," I'll introduce you to other descendents of TCustomClientDataSet.) For readability and generalization, I'll refer to client datasets generically in this book as TClientDataSet.

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