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Installing Exchange 2000

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This article, written by former Microsoft employee and three-time Exchange author Kent Joshi, discusses the basic steps in installing a single Exchange 2000 server in your company.
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In this article, we will cover the preparation, installation, and post-installation steps for a single Exchange server, with the instant messaging and chat service components activated, in your environment. We will also briefly cover how to install additional Exchange servers once your primary server is in place.

Required Hardware

The minimum requirements for each computer running Exchange 2000 Server are as follows:

  • Intel Pentium 200 megahertz (MHz) or faster processor.

  • At least 2 gigabytes (GB) of available disk space for Exchange on the drive on which you will be installing Exchange.

  • At least 500MB of available disk space on the system drive.

  • At least 128MB of RAM.

  • Page file set to a minimum of twice the amount of system RAM.

  • A CD-ROM drive (12x or faster is recommended).

  • Exchange 2000 Server must be installed on an NTFS disk partition.

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