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From the author of How to Turn on AirPlay Functionality

How to Turn on AirPlay Functionality

One of the great features about AirPlay is that once you turn on this function from your iOS mobile device, it automatically finds your Apple TV or AirPlay-compatible speakers and establishes a wireless connection, providing the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network or hotspot.

To use this feature, connect the Apple TV to your HD television set via an HDMI cable, and make sure it’s connected to your Wi-Fi network (using Apple TV with a cable-based Ethernet connection between Apple TV and your modem will not work with AirPlay). Turn on Wi-Fi connectivity on your Apple TV. To do this, from the main menu, launch Settings, select the General option, followed by the Network, and then the Wi-Fi option. Select your Wi-Fi network, and sign in using your network’s password, if applicable. This only needs to be done once.

Also, make sure your Apple TV is running the latest version of its operating system software. To update your Apple TV software, from the main Apple TV menu screen, select Settings to access the Settings menu. Next, select the General option, followed by the Software Updates option. Select the Update Software option to download and install the latest version of the Apple TV operating system.

With the AirPlay function turned on, and your Apple TV connected to your wireless network via Wi-Fi, it’s now ready to use AirPlay to automatically establish a wireless connection with your iOS mobile device.

Now, from your iPhone, iPad (or compatible iPod touch), make sure it’s connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV. To do this from the device, launch Settings, tap on the Wi-Fi option, and turn on the virtual switch that’s associated with Wi-Fi. Next, tap on the appropriate Wi-Fi network listing, and sign in using the network’s password, if applicable.

Next, access the Control Center on your mobile device. To do this, from the Home screen (or almost any other app screen), place your finger near the bottom of the screen and swipe upwards. From the Control Center screen, tap on the AirPlay option that’s displayed to the right, just below the Music controls. From the AirPlay menu, select Apple TV. Alternatively, if you want to send audio content to AirPlay compatible speakers, select those speakers from the AirPlay menu.

Finally, launch the AirPlay-compatible app on your mobile device and begin watching the content. As soon as the content starts playing, tap on the AirPlay icon that’s displayed on the screen, and select Apple TV from the AirPlay menu. The wireless connection between your Apple TV and iOS mobile device will now be established. This will take between five and 15 seconds.

If you’re using the Videos, Netflix, YouTube, or HBOGo app, for example, the selected video content will begin playing on your television set. However, if you’ll be using the Mirroring feature in conjunction with other types of apps, whatever you see displayed on your mobile device’s screen will be replicated on your HD television set.

Meanwhile, if you’re using the Keynote or PowerPoint app, for example, load the presentation into the app. Turn on AirPlay from the Control Center, and then begin playing the presentation from your mobile device. Your digital slides will be displayed on the HD television set that’s connected to Apple TV.

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