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Data Center Operations

The Data Center Operations group supports the production-computing environment. This group ensures cost-effective use of data center resources; timely response for system failures, and providing maximum effectiveness in routine daily operations. The functions of the Data Center Operations group include the following:

  • Performing 24x7 level 1 support by monitoring the network and all production servers on the network.

  • Performing daily incremental (changed files only) and weekly (full) backups of all filesystems in the data center.

  • Cleaning tape drives, preparing labels (server names) for hardware.

  • Following problem-management procedures to contact proper support personnel in response to users' problems.

  • Responsible for the tape librarian's function for electronic and external tape labels and bar codes. Coordinates with offsite vendor to safely store backup tapes and restore files as required.

  • Allocating space, including maintaining an equipment-location map, and installing the console, network, and power connections for new servers. Routine evaluation of resource capabilities and anticipating future requirements.

  • Running diagnostic tests to detect machine malfunctions.

  • Monitoring daily, weekly, and monthly batch processing.

  • Responsible for the coordination and proper execution of special processing requirements.

  • Maintaining data center facilities.

  • Maintaining system hardware and software.

  • Providing detailed recommendations for policies, procedures, and guidelines and assisting in their generation and implementation.

  • Working with IT technical staff and vendors on problem resolution and with restarting systems.

  • Monitoring control panels, magnetic tape units, and other offline equipment.

  • Maintaining physical plant and support systems (power, cooling, etc.). This includes uninterrupted maintenance services despite weather, utility problems, or disasters, security for equipment and data, and fire detection and suppression systems, and contingency plans to quickly restore operations following a disaster.

  • Monitoring security.

  • Responsible for monitoring storage utilization.

  • Responsible for report distribution.

  • Performing preventive maintenance procedures as required.

  • Responsible for providing level 1 support for disaster-recovery exercises.

  • Responsible for data center asset management.

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