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From the author of Searching from Within the Browser

Searching from Within the Browser

As mentioned previously, Google Chrome's Omnibox functions not only as an address box but also as a search box for searching the Web. That is, you can use the Omnibox to enter a Web page's URL or to enter a search query.

All you have to do is enter your search query into the Omnibox. As you start typing, Google suggests both likely queries and Web pages you are likely to visit, as shown in Figure 6. Select the query you want from the drop-down list or finish typing your query. Your search results are now displayed in the browser window.

Figure 6 Searching the Web from within Google Chrome

As you might expect, Google Chrome uses Google as its default search engine. You can, however, change the search provider. Click the Chrome button on the top right of the browser window; then select Settings. When the Settings page appears, scroll to the Search section and pull down the left button to select a provider: AOL Search, Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask, or AOL. To choose from additional search providers, click the Manage Search Engines button; when the Search Engine dialog box appears, click the desired search provider and then click the Done button.

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