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From the author of Changing Chrome's Appearance

Changing Chrome's Appearance

By design, Chrome has a very clean design. If you'd rather add a little visual bling, however, you can change Chrome's default theme.

Click the Chrome button and select Settings to open the Settings page; then go to the Appearance section and click the Get Themes button. This opens the Chrome Web Store in a new tab, with the Themes section selected. Browse or search the available themes and then click the one you want. Most themes are free, so click the Free button download and install that theme. (Figure 9 shows Chrome—and the New Tabs page—with the Night Time in New York City theme.)

Figure 9 Google Chrome with the Night Time in New York City theme

To return to Chrome's default theme, open the Settings page, scroll to the Appearance section, and click the Reset to Default Theme button.

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