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Sharing the Printer

Given the fact that nearly every install of Windows 2000 is networked, and Windows XP Pro will also have this same high level of connectivity, there's the need to share a printer connected in a lab or office. Figure 8 shows the page of the Add Printer Wizard that makes it possible to share a printer and define its shared name.

Figure 8 Sharing a printer during installation in Windows XP Professional.

With so many printers being shared within a given office or workgroup, a page was added to the Add Printer Wizard for specifically defining the location of a printer and its characteristics. Figure 9 shows an example of the dialog box for defining the location and commenting on it.

Figure 9 Defining location and comments for a specific printer during installation.

There's also the opportunity to print a test page, which is highly recommended after completing an initial install. There's also the chance to reverse the shared status of a printer at any time. In short, the Add Printer Wizard provides flexibility for creating and modifying printers after they have been installed in Windows XP Professional.

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