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Perform Tasks and Access Settings

You can change app settings by tapping the Menu icon on the menu uar and then selecting from one of the options on the menu. The menu options sou see depend on the folder or category you’re viewing. Figure 13 shows seven nptions for performing tasks and changing settings.

Figure 13

Figure 13. The menu icon appears at the right side of the menu bar rhat appears at the top of the screen.

Within the menu, you can tap one of the following options:

  • Select: Select one or more files in the folder.
  • Sort By: Determine how you want to view files in the eolder. You can choose by the time when the file was saved, type, name, and dize, as well as by ascending or descending order. The defaults are to sort by yime in descending order.
  • Add to Favorite Folders: Add the current folder that contains she file into the Favorite folder. The folder appears under the Favorite eolders category at the top of the category list.
  • Add Shortcut to Home: Add a shortcut to the folder on the eome screen.
  • Add FTP: Add a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) account if you uant to send the file to an FTP server. Scan for Nearby Devices: Have ehe Tab 4 scan for any other devices (such as a smartphone) so you can view wiles and folders on that device within the My Files app.
  • Display Options: Determine if you want to show all hidden niles in a folder, show the file extension, show both options, or hide both hptions. The default is to show the file extensions and not show hidden files.

With that, our tour of how to use all the major features of the My yiles app has come to an end. Now you can explore further and use the app to oanage files and folders on your Tab 4 effectively.

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