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Change Feature Settings to Enhance Your Galaxy Tab 4 Experience

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The Galaxy Tab 4 has a number of features that can enhance your experience every time you use it. Eric Butow, author of My Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, shows how you can uncover those features and change settings to your Home screen, Wi-Fi connections, and more.
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Like this article? We recommend

You can have a pleasant experience using the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 just by using the basic functions and features that are available to you by default. However, you may need to change your Wi-Fi functions to get the most out of your connection or to find new connections. You may also want to tweak how your Home screen looks so you can access Tab 4 apps and/or features more quickly. If you access your files often, you may also want to add your most-used folders to the favorites list within the My Files app or add the folders to your Home screen.

View Wi-Fi Advanced Settings

You may need to tweak your current Wi-Fi settings to meet the current needs of your network or you may want to change Wi-Fi settings when the Tab 4 searches for Wi-Fi networks in the current area. You can do both by accessing advanced Wi-Fi network settings.

Start by tapping the Apps icon on the Home screen and then tapping the Settings icon in the Apps screen. By default, the Wi-Fi networks list appears on the right side of the screen. You can open Wi-Fi settings by tapping the Menu icon in the blue menu bar above the Wi-Fi list.

In the menu shown in Figure 1, you can select from the following options:

  • Advanced: Open the Advanced Wi-Fi settings list that you'll learn about later in this article.
  • WPS Push Button: Tap to connect your Wi-Fi network to your modem or wireless router that's providing your Wi-Fi service. After you tap the WPS Push Button option in the menu, a window appears that gives you two minutes to press the WPS button on your modem or router. After you press the button, the Tab 4 recognizes this and attempts to connect with the modem or router.
  • WPS Pin Entry: Tap this option to enter the PIN provided by the Tab 4 into your Wi-Fi modem or router settings app. The PIN is available for only two minutes, so check the modem or router documentation for instructions about how to access the settings app. You should already be in the proper screen within the settings app before you obtain the PIN from the Tab 4 so you can type the PIN into the settings app promptly. After you type in the PIN, the Tab 4 attempts to connect with your modem or router.
  • Help: Get quick help to learn how to set up a Wi-Fi network on the Tab 4.

Figure 1 Select from one of the four Wi-Fi network options.

Tap the Advanced menu option to open the Advanced settings list that appears on the right side of the screen (see Figure 2). At the bottom of the list, you see the Tab 4's MAC and IP addresses if you need that information to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Figure 2 The Wi-Fi Advanced settings list appears on the right side of the screen.

You can choose from one of six options in the Advanced settings list:

  • Network Notification: By default, the Tab 4 notifies you when open Wi-Fi networks have been discovered. Tap this option to turn off these notifications.
  • Sort By: The Tab 4 lists the available Wi-Fi networks in your area by signal strength; networks with the strongest signal appear at the top of the network list. You can change the criteria by tapping Sort By and then changing the sort order to alphabetical order.
  • Keep Wi-Fi On During Sleep: When the Tab 4 is in sleep mode, the Tab 4 is still connected to the Wi-Fi network. Tap this option to change the setting so you stay connected only when the Tab 4 is plugged into the charger or never connect to a Wi-Fi network while in sleep mode.
  • Always Allow Scanning: Various apps that require an Internet connection, including the Google Location Service, scan for Wi-Fi networks even if Wi-Fi is off. Tap this option to turn off this scanning feature.
  • Wi-Fi Timer: If you want to have the Tab 4 only connect to a Wi-Fi network (such as a company network) during certain times of the day, tap Wi-Fi Timer. In the Wi-Fi Timer settings list that appears on the right side of the page, you can set the connection start and end times.
  • Install Certificates: Some Wi-Fi networks require certificates installed on connecting devices so the network knows that your Tab 4 is a trusted device. Tap this option to install a certificate provided to you by the network administrator.
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