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Five Characteristics of a Project

Projects differ, but they have some commonalities. Table 1.1 presents some characteristics of a project.

Table 1.1 Project Characteristics


Projects are a way to introduce change.

Example: A new sales website will change how clients purchase items.


There is always a specific start and end to a project, and it should cease once the mandatory products are created.

Ongoing maintenance of a product occurs after the project and is not considered part of the project.

Example: The production of a software to manage sales.

Cross- Functional

A project engages people from different seniority and business departments that work together for the period of the project.

Example: To develop sales software, people from marketing and sales departments should work closely with the IT department.


Every project is unique.

Example: Building a fiftieth school is different from building the forty-ninth one. The location is different, the design is different, and there are different categories of students.


Parts of the project are unique, which brings uncertainty. The project manager is not 100% sure how this is going to work out.

Example: The owners might keep changing their minds about the components and functionalities of the sales software.

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