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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Graphics and Favorites

You might have noticed that some of the images and masks that have been created for the figures in this chapter have pre-created clip art on them. Photoshop Elements has quite a few clip art images available for use in your images and layers. Click the Graphics button in the taskbar to access them. When you add clip art, it is created on a special layer type, the Shape layer. The Shape layer is a vector layer, which means that the images on this layer are in vector format, in contrast to bitmap or raster images.

You can also add your favorite clip art to a specific panel so that they are easily accessible. The Favorites panel lets you store your favorite enhancements, features, and shapes—such as styles, textures, frames, clip art, backgrounds, shapes, and graphics.

  1. Open a photo that has multiple layers in the Photo Editor.

  2. Click the Expert mode.
  3. If necessary, open the Layers panel by clicking Layers in the taskbar.
  4. Click to select a layer.
  5. Click Graphics in the taskbar.

  6. The Graphics panel displays. Click the Graphics Category menu and choose a graphics category.
  7. Click the Graphics Type menu and choose a graphics type. This menu is contextually sensitive to the category that you choose in step 6.
  8. Double-click a variation to apply it to the photo. You can also click a variation, and then click and drag it on the photo to apply it.

  9. Return to the Layers panel by clicking Layers in the taskbar.

  10. The Shape layer is created above the selected layer and the shape is accessible in the Viewer.

  11. To add the clip art graphic to the Favorites panel, right-click the clip art and choose Add to Favorites from the pop-out menu.
  12. Use the toolbox tools to scale, position, resize, rotate, or change the color of the shape. See Chapter 6 and Chapter 9 for more information on how to modify the shape.
  13. Click Favorites in the taskbar to access your favorite graphics and enhancements.
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