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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Locking and Linking Layers

Other nice features of layers are to lock and/or link them. When you lock a layer, the layer contents cannot be modified. You can also lock only the transparent pixels in the layers image. You can choose multiple layers by Shift+clicking them, and then linking them. When you link layers, the content of all the layers are linked and any modification you apply is applied to all the linked layers together.

  1. Open a photo that has multiple layers in the Photo Editor.
  2. Click the Expert mode.
  3. Click to select a layer you want to lock.
  4. Click the Lock button.
  5. Click the Lock Transparent Pixels button to lock the layer’s transparent pixels.

  6. A lock icon displays to the right of the layer name indicating that the layer is now locked.

  7. To select multiple layers to link, Command-click (Mac)/Control+click (PC) the individual layers.
  8. Click any of the selected layer Link icons. An orange Link icon displays for all selected Link icons, indicating that these layers are now linked.
  9. To unlink a layer, click the orange Link icon.

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