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Passing the Exam

To pass this exam, allot plenty of time for studying and experimenting. For an ideal lab, create a test network that consists of multiple Windows 2000 domains -- remember that you need Active Directory to even install Exchange 2000. Add an Exchange 2000 Server on each domain, and at least one Exchange 5.5 Server and a non-Exchange mail server of your choice (I used Lotus Notes). You may want to create 30 to 50 users on each domain so you can create mailboxes, create distribution groups, test each server type as regular users, and test policies and security issues.

If you can't swing a test lab that sexy, consider adding VMWare. VMWare allows you to install and interact with multiple operating systems on one physical machine. That's right; you could have Windows 2000 Server, Windows NT 4.0 Server, and Windows 98 on the same box at the same time -- and they can chat with each other. With VMWare and a powerful enough machine, you could create several different Exchange Servers on one box. Very cool stuff.

I recommend that you work with each objective several times in the test lab. When you study, a few hours a day is most effective, but you know yourself best, so plan accordingly.

Exchange 2000 is a powerful, powerful application server. Passing this exam will prove your expertise in this server package. Hands-on experience, time allotted for studying, and a positive plan to attack these objectives will ensure your success.

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