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Managing Exchange 2000 Server Growth

Exchange 2000 can do so much! But will your company want to do all of it right from the start? Maybe, but in most cases, probably not. You'll want to grow into the server, so you'll need to make plans that your server can grow as you implement more features. This will require planning before the initial installation and then monitoring the server after the installation.

Growth doesn't just mean adding additional features. You need to plan for storage, an increase in user activity, additional users joining your company, or additional servers. You'll need to monitor the Information Store service, the server's activity, and Instant Messaging.

Recipient and Server policies will allow you to control performance and immediate growth on your servers. You'll need experience creating, diagnosing, and resolving problems with policies.

Study Hint:

Create and implement a plan for monitoring server growth and workload.

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