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Monitoring and Managing Messaging Connectivity

As an Exchange 2000 Administrator, part of your job will be to maintain a reliable and functioning server. This objective challenges your ability to do just that.

You will need to be able to configure messaging connectivity between users and servers. Not all mail servers will be Exchange-based; you will need to know how to install and configure connectors for X.400, SMTP, and Internet messaging. For each type of server, you will need a plan for diagnosing and repairing routing problems. You will also need to create a plan to deal with non-delivery messages.

Obviously, clients need access to your Exchange Server -- and they'll be more than happy to complain to you if they can't connect. Your job will be to keep connections up and running for all client types. Connectivity problems could stem from DNS, server publishing structure, Instant Messaging clients, connection protocols (think authentication), and non-Windows 2000 environments.

Study Hint:

Create multiple Exchange 2000 Servers and, if possible, a non-Exchange mail server and test connectivity between them.

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