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Deleting a Record

So far, we added new records and made changes to existing records. Now let’s delete a record.

To do so, first navigate to the record that you want to delete.

Next, use the Delete Record command to start the process of deleting the record. To do so, use one of these methods:

  • Click the Delete Record button in the Status Toolbar.
  • Select the Delete Record command from the Records menu.
  • Use a keyboard shortcut. On a Mac, the shortcut is Command+E. On Windows, it is Ctrl+E.

Before deleting a record, FileMaker Pro wants to be sure that you really do want to delete it. When you choose the Delete Record command, a dialog box displays (see Figure 4.2) and asks whether you want to permanently delete this entire record.


FIGURE 4.2 The dialog box that displays when you choose to delete a record.

If you are certain that you want to delete the record, click the Delete button. Otherwise, click Cancel, and no harm is done.

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