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Canceling Changes to a Record

Suppose that you start to make changes to a record, and then realize that you don’t want to make those changes after all. As long as you haven’t committed the changes (by clicking outside a field in the content area of the screen), you can cancel (or undo) your changes.

To do so, select the Revert Record command from the Records menu. A dialog box displays (see Figure 4.1) and asks whether you really want to revert all changes to this record since it was last entered.

Figure 4.1

FIGURE 4.1 The dialog box that displays when you attempt to revert changes to a record.

Click the Revert button, and the record is set back to the values that it had when you started making changes to it.

If the Revert Record command is grayed out, this is an indication that the changes you made to the record have already been committed. Unfortunately, at that point there is no easy way to revert the record to its initial values.

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