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Introduction to the iPad Air 2

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Jason R. Rich takes a close look at the new iPad Air 2, and offers advice on whether this iPad model is best suited to your needs.
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The iPad Air 2 is sleek, sexy, and chock full of computing power, making it the most versatile tablet Apple has released to date. Over the years, the iPad tablet has evolved – not just from a hardware standpoint, but also in terms of the apps and accessories available for it.

While all of the more recently released iPad models that are capable of running the iOS 8 operating system have the same core functionality, and come with the same collection of preinstalled apps, only the new iPad Air 2 offers technological advancements that allow users to experience superior graphics, enhanced performance, and faster processing speeds when handling a wide range of online and offline tasks.

When using the iPad Air 2 with the Camera app to take photos, for example, users are offered a broader range of picture taking tools and features than what’s offered by the Camera app when using older iPad models. For some people, this enhanced picture-taking functionality alone is a good enough reason to upgrade their tablet.

iPad Air 2 is Thinner, Faster, and Lighter than its Predecessors

When compared to other iPad models, the most obvious difference you’ll notice when looking at and holding the iPad Air 2 is its thinner size and lighter weight. This latest tablet is a mere 6.1 millimeters thick, and it weights just 0.96 pounds. Thus, it is more comfortable to hold in your hands.

The iPad Air 2 also offers an improved 9.7-inch (diagonal) Multi-Touch display, and continues to offer up to a 10-hour battery life. It also utilizes Apple’s proprietary A8X processor chip with 64-bit architecture. As a result, apps that require significant computing power respond faster to the user, while vastly more detailed graphics, including high-resolution photos or HD video, can be displayed on the screen.

Compared to the original iPad, iPad Air 2 offers 12 times faster CPU performance, and 180 times faster graphics performance. This is something you’ll notice immediately when playing graphic and action-intensive games, or when viewing and editing high-resolutions photos or HD video, for example.

Thanks to its other built in sensors and technologies, which include a barometer, gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS, and compass, plus faster Internet connection speeds (whether you’re using a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection), the iPad Air 2 can gather and utilize important information in a highly efficient manner.

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